No Longer Sending Payments via WebMoney

Due to the many regulatory challenges, ScaleLab will no longer be sending payments via WebMoney. Our network does offer a wide variety of other payment options. However, for our intentional creators, you may find that these three methods work best as WebMoney alternatives:

1) Payoneer

2) Yandex.Money

3) ePayments

Most importantly, these three payment methods guarantee that you will receive your balance on time. To update your payment option, simply visit the account settings page of your creator panel.

Please note that there is a different transaction fee associated with each payment option and that some do require a minimum balance before we can send your earnings.

Fees & Balance Thresholds:

Payoneer has a transaction fee of $3, with a minimum payment threshold of $20.

Yandex.Money has a transaction fee of 2%, with a minimum payment threshold of $1.

ePayments has no transaction fee to transfer money to your ePayments account. Once the money is in your account, you have several money transfer options.

  • Transfer to your VISA / MasterCard / Maestro debit account using card number. No transfer fee
  • Transfer to your WebMoney account: The transaction fee is 2% but a $35 / year ePayments prepaid Mastercard is required
  • Transfer to your bank account: 0.8% transfer fee (min $ 85, max $ 135), $100 minimum transfer threshold

We’re excited to pay you two weeks sooner, and apologize for the inconvenience of selecting a new payment method.

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