How does the Community Forum help my channel?

Looking for collaborations, video feedback, or production help?

Check out our Community forums! Communities are designed to help you grow your channel by taking advantage of our amazing network, a home to nearly 4,000 channels.

Our communities are friendly and open spaces where other creators cheer on your successes and give constructive feedback on everything else. It’s a supportive space for people with similar interests to get to know each other, watch each other’s videos, and find ways to collaborate.

Main Forums

Inside you'll find general forums for all members. Use these to broaden your audience, as well as help you with higher level concerns, such as shooting techniques and editing ideas.

Be sure to check the Tips & Tricks forum for advice on growing your channel, as well as the Announcements for important news.

Specialty Forums

You'll also find specialty forums (e.g. Dance, Music, Sports) where you can meet like-minded YouTubers. Here, you can get feedback from creators who share the same enthusiasm for your content.

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