Can ScaleLab promote my video?

Yes! We accept video submissions to be promoted on the ScaleLab Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages. All submissions are subject to approval.

Be sure to follow ScaleLab on each social media platform to see when your content is promoted.

Email the following to

1. Link to your video

  • Video must be less than five minutes long.
  • Of the top 50 most viewed YouTube videos, the average length was 3 minutes.

2. Promotional text for each platform

  • Text must be 140 characters or less.
  • Tweets 71 - 100 characters have a 17% higher engagement rate.
  • Tweets must include the video link in the form of{video_ID}
  • Twitter submissions may include @handles (usernames) and #hashtags.
  • Facebook posts with 40 characters receive an 86% higher engagement rate.
  • Facebook posts can be in the form of a promo image or natively uploaded video preview linking to your YouTube video.
  • Google+ headlines: 60 characters is optimal.
  • Text must be spell-checked and have proper grammar.
  • Aim for funny, witty, snarky, pithy text. No clickbait!
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    Ron Talley

    All I said in the original post still stands.  I've been with ScaleLab quite a while now and they've not disappointed me ever. 




    So many tools I'm discovering here!  See, I'm usually busy creating content, primarily music, and hence have not spent as much time here as I'd like to.  But you guys are great, very professional, and on top of things.


         First time I spoke to a support person on the phone I was extremely impressed with his professional attitude, his courtesy, his ability to help me in good time without my having to wait on the line forever.  These characteristics really impressed me hugely!


         From the start it was obvious you guys, ScaleLab, is a legit, up front organization.  


         I praise you to anyone who'll listen and it's not for the monetary rewards I may get should they sign up with you.  I believe in ScaleLab and in you guys, the staff.


    Thanks, Guys.  Truly.



    Edited by Ron Talley
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