How many views do I need to earn money?

While it can be used as a good indicator of the revenue you can expect, the total number of views a certain video has does not exclusively impact the amount of earnings it generates. Rather, only monetizable playbacks is what generates revenue for your channel – meaning, the number of times a viewer watches or clicks through an advertisement placed on your content. So, not every view will count as a monetizable playback.

With that said, CPM rates are usually a good indicator of how much money a channel can generate per 1,000 views. The average CPM rate also falls around $5 total. So, for every 1000 views a certain video gets, you can earn around $5 in revenue.

However, CPM rates depend on a number of factors (such as the time of season, ad delivery, etc.) and will fluctuate.


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    Natia Gugumberidze

    when i get 1000 vievw i got 5$?

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    Jordy Dormans
    If all of those views are watching the Pre-Roll add and clicking on your popup Ad in the video then yes. But only a small percentage interacts with your ads and most of the youtube users have "AddBlock" installed.
    If Adblock is installed, it will block the download connections of all the adds. Meaning if they can not be downloaded they can not be viewed and youtube does not count them as a click". So around 10 to 30% of the views actually will be monetized and you will get paid over it.
    There is no real right or wrong in this so don't take it to its minor details.
    But if you have $5 per 1K views you can best divide the total $ into 3 to have a rough estimate.
    So around $1.66 per 1000 views.
    Can be higher can be lower.. depend on how much the advertiser wants to pay for your add. But just remember that only a small percentage of viewers will watch the add and most views will not be counted as monetized.
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    Mr_spad //.

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